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Prof. Ben Schneiderman in the Science Prestige Lecture he gave during his four weeks stay at the UOCNT. This slide relates to the basic idea behind his new book 'Leonardo's Laptop'.

The american Ambassador at the HITLab, here with Mark (leftmost) and Chandra (rightmost), was very interested in out work and its application.

Ben Shneiderman in our CAVE system, a projektion wall which covers almost the whole visual field without the use of any head mounted display.

The HITLab consortium consist of local scientists, companies and some federal agencies. Here we see the demonstrations for our guests in the to-be room for the interns.

From 20-21 March the Masterclass and Symposium with the title "Interacting With and Through Next Generation Computing Environments" took place in the UOCNT with support of the HITLab. Thus I had the opportunity experience a lot of interesting researchers from as far as the US.

The international director of the HITLab is Tom Furness, one of the pioneers in UI and computer graphics. He spend the last four month in NZ and this is his farewell party with all the members of the inner circle of the HITLab NZ.

From both side encircled by the Furness pair, Matt Convay enjoys the dinner. He lived with us for two weeks after he's attended the masterclass. Matt will probably work in the HITLab in Christchurch so he had a good chance to see what we do and how we are. It was really fun with him, he is a nice chap.

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